Nerathul, patron of Law and custodian of Death, is a deity of odd duality. He is both Lawful Neutral and True Neutral. He is the final judge over the formerly living and determines where the dead reside in the afterlife. His covenants are considered to be the ultimate laws, governing Death and, if found worthy/necessary, rebirth. Described as a hooded and robed being with skeletal hands and glowing yellow orbs for eyes. He’s never depicted without his Scythe, the artifact known as the Reaper of Anima. His priesthood is small but fervent. Most major cities’ judges and undertakers are clerics of the Final Arbiter. They oversee the dead in necropoles scattered across each nation.

While each language has a word for death there is only one Nerathul. All know him by that singular name.

His domain is Death.


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