Raziel, The Radiant Host


Raziel, the winged protector, is the God of the Sun and Civilization. He is most often depicted as an armored angel with a greatsword which blazes with the light of the heavens. He is credited as the father of invention as it is his burning spark that not only brought literal fire unto mortals but he also brought the light of creativity. Amongst the various non-human races he is known by other names.

  • To the elves he is called Solanil’as, The Dawn Star
  • The dwarves call him Karthak, The Skystone
  • In the tribal tongue of the Litorian he is known as Mirak’tan, The Blazing Hunter
  • Fae-Touched know him as Aos Si, The Bright Lord
  • Amongst the Dragonborn he is named Fraenir, The Platinum One

His domains are Light & War.

Raziel, The Radiant Host

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